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About Traditional Art / Student Chelsea De la Cruz24/Female/United States Group :iconhetastuckers-of-az: Hetastuckers-of-AZ
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Kissing across the world - Contest - ENDED
Weekly reminder
 Hello people! We finally have a new contest... and we're more than 4000 members HOORAY!
Congratulations group!!:iconluvluvplz:

:bulletorange:THEME: KISSING ACROSS THE WORLD you can draw any costume, any time, provided it is in a representative place of the world with Alfred and Arthur kissing. (Landmarks as eiffel tower, easter island etc)
WE WILL ACCEPT entries of all official designs like nyo, neko, gakuen, etc. And fan design too as matryoska, sweet devil, 2P, etc, as long as the characters are recognizable.
Any Kind of kiss is allowed
We will not accept any work that shows: Violence or death.
If your intention is to do a scene with mature content, remember to respect the DA rules and put the appropriate filter.
If you need inspiration I recommend you to watch this video
If you present a kiss drawing, without background, no cont
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Hello, it has been a little less than a year since I have said or done anything with this account. 

I have had it for eight years and in those eight years, I've met people, made friends, met those friends in real life, gotten into relationships, fallen out of them, and have grown in both good and bad ways because of my unwillingness to let go of things.

So, that is what I did. Or...what I'm doing.

Several months ago, I made a new account. I became just a bit more active, I posted much more new art, and the like. I was iffy about what I was going to do with this and whether I would say anything about what has happened.

But I decided, that wouldn't be fair to the people who still follow this account and hope to see more from me. You guys deserve to at least know that I haven't disappeared from the internet, I haven't done anything bad, I am actually doing pretty good. I would give you guys my new account name, but...I don't know. I feel like, if any of you follow me there simply because you followed this account, I haven't earned it. 

I've changed both in art styles, and I believe in personality. The things I loved when I was active on here are not longer the same as they are there. I still go with the flow, I'm still generally pretty good about keeping anything too personal close to my chest, but I no longer draw any of the same things I did before. I no longer SHIP things I shipped before. I...have somewhat grown out of that. Not completely, I still am fiercely protective of my babies, but I can no longer condone half of the shit I've said over here.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I am not going to delete anything on this account. I won't delete the pictures, the friends, the groups, any of that. This is the past, and as much as I would want to erase a good majority of my own past, that is not something I can do in reality. So, I'll leave this as it is. Untouched, completely as I've always left it. Even when I've had falling outs with my own friends, I never took down the art I made for them.

So, I suppose this is...a so long and goodnight. I'd say goodbye, but I'm not entirely sure it's the end, you know? Perhaps I'll see some of you again. And I hate goodbyes. 

And so, onto the uncertain and unknowable future! Because if there's anything I've learned in this past year, it's that existence is very exciting, no matter how small and insignificant we seem to be.


MikeyWayluver013's Profile Picture
Chelsea De la Cruz
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
My Tumblr: OR (If one is password protected, try the other one! I switch names every once in a while!)

My name is Chelsea, but I go by Chachi. It's taken me a few years to develop my own style, but I believe it is heavily influenced by Bleach, Danny Phantom, and Pokemon. I like to read manga, draw cartoons, and read fanfics. I like any type of music that has a good beat and usually listen to it while I draw. While I may not be very good yet...I hope to one day be able to become a comic book artist...or at least release the doujinshi that I've got planned in my head one day.

Currently I am in college, and that is my first priority, so I will not be as active as I would like on dA until summer if you wish to contact me, try my Tumblr first, as it is where I am most active at the moment. If you would like my Skype, send me a message, and I will probably be more than likely to give it to you to chat, so don't be shy! ^^

My current obsessions include RoosterTeeth, Homestuck, and USUK. I'm a bit more focused on Achievement Hunters and Red vs. Blue when it comes to RT, and Geoff is my favorite person in RoosterTeeth, with Ryan and Michael as close seconds.

Ah, before you ask, I don't really ship anyone together in RT. Bromances? Sure, but other than that I only really ship canon ships (ie Michael and Lindsay, Cray, and the Ramseys [FEKKIN' LOVE THEM THEY ARE SO FUCKING CUTE I JUST--Sorry...haha...])

Other random facts about me, let's see...I'm pan, I love to sing, I love animals but have a special love for owls and whales. I believe in ghosts, the supernatural, and magical. I will ship anything that has a decent amount of fluff, my patron troll is Karkat, I'm agnostic and I really don't care what peeps believe, so long as they don't force it on me. Oh, and I'm also Filipino, but I don't speak a lick of Tagalog. I can understand some of it, but man, it just feels weird when I try to say words haha~

Thanks for coming by my page. Hope you enjoy it!



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Haha, I'm good. Workin' on some doodles, haha, you?
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LOL I know that feeling very well xD

What kinda doodles DID you work on?
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I'm ok :D
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Hola. It was nice meeting you today.
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